Saturday, July 3, 2010

IB WORLD, school

at last i manage to finished the orientation far..ok lah..still trying to adapt.yelah most of the time i'm free. i mean they will never tell you what to it on your have to arrange your time.basically,,i'll be taking 6 subject.

malay A1 SL
English B HL
Chemistry HL
biology HL
mathematics SL
business and management SL

mcm nak buat presentation pulak!

inilah makhluk2 baru yang saya kenal disana.i dh dapat my class. 10J!!!..but our class is like floating class (is that the word???) we have to move around every subject to find the teacher.but i think it's ok.since it help me not to easily mengantuk.
mcm2 istilah ade kat sana
bakal menjadi mcm nyawa student IB

KMB : Kolej Memang Best
PBSM : persatuan balik setiap minggu (im not in this club ok!)
IB : internationally busy (yeke?..bukan semua pun bz?)
IB : individu Beriman (we got pendidikan Islam as well and kne hafal surah..)

last but not list...this is what we planned to do for the next batch..we wanna put a coma (,) to
so it will be
IB WORLD, School
perhaps they will not hope much. but i think the facilities is not a big how you apreciate stop complaining and start blessing (mcm pernah dengar jek)

this is a place that you can freely express your weakness and improve it!

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